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History: Timeline for the History of Judaism

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Note: Dates regarding biblical figures & events cannot be confirmed

Dawn of History
(3800-2001 BCE)

Ancient Israelite Religion
(2000-587 BCE)

After the Babylonian Exile
(538 BCE-70 CE)

Rule of Rome
(230 BCE-400 CE)

Rabbinic Period of Talmud Development
(70 BCE-500 CE)

Consolidation & Dominance of Christianity
(325-590 CE)

Development of Muhammad's Islamic Message
(570-1258 CE)

Medieval Period in the West
(600-1500 CE)

The Crusades
(1095-1258 CE)

Transition & Rebuilding of Political Islam
(1258-1500 CE)

Mamluk Rule
(1291-1516 CE)

Christian Reformation Period
(1517-1569 CE)

Dominance of Ottoman Muslim Empire
(1500-1920 CE)

Jewish Contemporary Period
(1700-1917 CE)

Unrest & Realignment in the Middle East
(1914-1918 CE)

British Rule in Palestine
(1918-1947 CE)

Modern Israel & the Diaspora